There are 22 billion people globally who are blind or visually impaired. Of that number, the majority, 66 percent, are women. Only 10 to 15 percent of legally blind individuals have no sight. The rest can see colors, shapes, and varying degrees of light. Still, a significant portion of the fashion market is unable to select items online with ease or accuracy because of the limitations of e-commerce sites and the packaging they mail out.

visually impaired women on runway using walking cane
tablet showing website featuring virtual aid for online shoppers
computer showing website featuring virtual aid for online shoppers


As part of this year’s GFM capstone project, the Opsi founders have created a demo website that shows how voiceover commands can be used to assist visually impaired individuals with site navigation, product descriptions, and purchasing instructions. The demo also communicates the importance of being able to glean information from a webpage without being able to view its visual content.


While this project is still in the concept phase, its founders hope industry will adopt it, as it solves a pressing real-world problem that affects a huge portion of the population.

virtual aid for online shoppers on mobile phone app
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