Enhanced Medical Garments

While much has been put on pause during the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for improved medical equipment could not have been more apparent. This need, combined with the proliferation of 3D visualization technology, created an opportunity for Jennifer Lee, PhD, assistant professor of Fashion Business Management, to apply for and receive a Faculty Development Grant through the College’s Center for Excellence in Teaching (CET). With this grant, Lee sought to create new protective medical clothing for female healthcare workers. She started with identifying what is missing from current medical garments by conducting online surveys and video interviews with healthcare professionals, focusing on those working in large NYC hospitals. Lee found that existing medical protective garments lack protection for the wearer’s neck and do not have sufficient variety for body type and size, along with other elements that could be improved. She simulated designs in 2D digitized patterns and 3D virtual garments fitted on avatars in the 3D garment visualization software program CLO. These initial, virtual designs were evaluated by medical professionals to ensure the garments would meet their needs. 

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