Teaching Both
Sides of the Brain

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With the goal of helping students harness their creativity, this interdisciplinary course provides an overview of theories of creativity and the imagination, presents practical strategies for understanding the way creativity works, and enables students to apply what they learn to real-life situations.  This special topics course will be taught in the Spring of 2019 and will guide students to discover practices used in producing innovative work in multiple disciplines through readings, discussions, activities, journal entries, and the study of creative achievers. Students will also review historical and current theories of creativity, learn to articulate their own processes, consider how identity affects creative practices, and develop strategies for enhancing creative output. A large portion of class time will be spent on experiential and active learning. Students will also be encouraged to attend readings and lectures on campus, visit museums and galleries, and to take advantage of the city as their “laboratory” for studying creativity at work. They will work in teams on a creative project relating to sustainability and/or diversity. 

The course is open to all students. Students interested in signing up for this course should go to registration and look for EN280 Special Topics in English — Creativity: Theory and Practice.

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