The week kicked off with Patagonia’s Worn Wear pop-up, which repaired damaged articles of clothing (of any brand) to promote maintaining older garments and reducing waste. Repair technicians mended broken zippers, replaced buttons, closed seams, and patched holes. Fixing instead of discarding clothes curbs the fast fashion cycle that contributes to environmental pollution and is more economical for the consumer. Other events aimed at repairs and reuse included embroidery/patching workshops—to decorate or cover up stains—and a clothing swap.

student using sewing machine
student holding flower on rooftop garden at FIT


Sustainability Awareness Week is a chance for the FIT community to learn about and get involved in sustainability efforts, which are more urgently needed than ever. The panels and events offer insight into reducing garment and workspace waste, alternatives to the fast fashion cycle, advances in sustainable technology, and efforts made around campus and New York City. Cross-disciplinary programming highlighted the efforts of forward-thinking individuals, clubs, and corporations to innovate toward mitigating climate change.

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