Project Team

asta skocir

Asta Skocir

associate professor, fashion design

Asta Skocir is an Associate Professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, teaching Knitwear Design. She has over twenty years of experience in the fashion industry as a design director and knitwear designer, having worked for renowned companies such as TSE, Perry Ellis, and Saks Fifth Avenue. In 2011, Asta created knitGrandeur.com ; a social media platform for high-end knitwear design. She is a co-founder of AlgiKnit, a biomaterials research group developing bio- based textile alternatives for the apparel industry. AlgiKnit grew out of the FIT BioEsters; the winning team of the first National BioDesign Challenge Summit (2016), for which she was a faculty advisor. Asta is originally from Toronto, Canada and currently lives in New York City.

theanne schiros

Theanne Schiros

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, Science and mathematics

Theanne Schiros, PhD, is assistant professor of science and mathematics at FIT, where she teaches physics, chemistry and sustainability courses. She is the FIT coordinator and faculty lead for the international Biodesign Challenge, guiding students on how to rethink textiles through technology, biology and sustainable design. She is also a visiting scholar and principal investigator at Columbia University in the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC), as well as the diversity liaison, working collaboratively across the center to explore 2D materials for next generation, post-silicon electronic devices, and catalysts for clean energy applications. Schiros is engaged in international sustainable development with organizations such as Engineers without Borders (Haiti) and the Finca Morpho Permaculture collective (Costa Rica). She has published her work in numerous peer-reviewed journals and has been the recipient of multiple grants to support this work, including the National Geographic Chasing Genius Award (Sustainable Planet), and was the United Nations ECOWAS Fellow for Sustainable Energy Engineering, the NYSERDA Fellow, and an EFRC Fellow for next generation photovoltaic devices at Columbia University in the area of nanomaterials science and engineering. She is the co-founder of Algiknit, a start-up developing kelp-based biomaterials and bioyarn for sustainable textiles in a closed loop life cycle.

Caroline Berti

Caroline Berti


With a BFA in Fashion Design from FIT, Caroline Berti started out designing for companies such as Victoria’s Secret, Warnaco, and private label lines for Macy’s, and QVC, as well as made to measure evening and bridal.  Looking beyond fashion lead her to other creative work including costume design and creative direction. Including work on independent films, off broadway, and stop motion animation. She has designed for licenses like Hana-Barbera, Disney, Warner Bros., and some of the largest costume companies in the world. Caroline is also an adjunct professor at FIT. Having worked extensively in Hong Kong, China, and New York, she continues to design in both the Fashion and Costume world. She is constantly trying to incorporate themes of Sustainability and Technology in her work. 

Gary Halada

Gary P. Halada


Gary P. Halada is an experienced Associate Professor with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry and leading research in material-environment interactions, environmental remediation, sustainable engineering, nanomaterials, and additive manufacturing. He is a leader in engineering education research.

Tae Jin Kim

Tae Jin Kim​


Dr. Tae Jin Kim’s research intention is a development of catalytic methodologies that can control hydrocarbon-based reaction pathways. For developing biomass conversion to fuel and chemicals, he has been exploring the new catalyst development/catalyst active sites and providing reaction mechanism/intermediate molecular structures using  in-situ and operando experimental conditions. To understand complex reaction pathways, transition state geometries and thermodynamic properties, he has also been interested in Density Functional Theory calculations and collaborated with theoretical calculation research group in Argonne National Laboratory.

Karen Pearson

Karen R. Pearson

Associate Professor of Science and Mathematics

Karen Pearson is an Associate Professor of Science and Mathematics at the Fashion Institute of Technology/SUNY and the Director of TechFIT, a National Science Foundation grant: Advancing Technical Education (ATE) project (number 1003034). She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry from Clark University andDoctorate degree in Inorganic Chemistry from Washington State University. Priorto joining the FIT faculty in 2004, she was on the research staff at IBMs T.J.Watson Research Center. Dr. Pearson’s teaching at FIT led to the receipt of the 2011 SUNY Chancellors Award for Excellence in teaching. Additionally she was awarded a grant of 150,000 dollars from the National Science Foundation: Advancing Technical Education (ATE). The award promotes thinking green across the college focusing on the development of introductory science curriculum to better prepare FIT’s graduates to meet industry demands for the design, development and manufacture of green and sustainable products including textiles, toys, home products, cosmetics, and packaging.
Vladimir Samuilov

Dr. Vladimir Samuilov

Research professor and lecturer, Stony Brook University

Dr. Vladimir Samuilov is a research professor and lecturer in the Department of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering at Stony Brook University. He is a physicist and materials scientist with over 10 years of experience researching carbon nanomaterials and their applications for sensors and energy storage. He runs the Low Dimensional Materials and Nanosensors Lab at the Center for Advanced Sensor Technologies at SBU. He has authored or co-authored more than 50 papers, he’s written four book chapters, and he holds four patents. He is a member of the National Academy of Inventors (SBU Chapter).
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