Product in a Day

product in a day

In early January 2020, the FIT/Infor DTech Lab hosted a “Product in a Day” workshop, an event put on in collaboration with PVH Stitch to imagine a product, create it digitally, and produce a physical prototype. The DTech Lab and PVH Stitch brought together industry, FIT faculty, and FIT students to develop their garment designs into a finished product. Participants were separated into six teams, each comprising a merchandiser, fashion designer, technical designer, and fit expert, along with FIT student assistants providing aid with the 3D design programs taught and used on campus. After a day of introductions, a briefing, and creating a digital design using Browzwear’s 3D Fashion Design Software, each team ultimately fabricated a final design in one day: printing and cutting the pattern and building a prototype). Using emerging technology for 3D virtual prototyping, including Browzwear’s VStitcher and Lotta software, the teams explored ways these tools can improve efficiency, sustainability, and creativity of fashion apparel.

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