2 students with dress on mannequin designed for product in a day event at FIT


The Product in a Day event helped introduce 3D thinking to the fashion industry. This workshop was created as an innovation design sprint for professionals to accelerate and streamline their design process from 2D to 3D. This software, which has already been used in FIT projects, is further making its way into the curriculum and expanding the applications of the digital pipeline. Aiding in the transition to the digital pipeline has ample benefits, including increasing production speed, reducing the waste of excess fabric and materials, and providing for ease of alterations without fewer prototypes.


This workshop focused on garments and garment development: participants would pick out fabrics, scan them into digital assets, bring together scans and flats, and stitch them virtually, unrestricted, and with no guidelines. The industry professionals gained experience and confidence in using 3D design software, an additional tool for their design process. Participants created a digital design and physical prototype, which can be reviewed side-by-side to give a broader understanding of how the digital becomes physical. While the teams produced their garments, the Stitch software team conducted user experience research. The goal was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the participant’s learning curve while navigating the Digital Foamboard platform. All participants were impressed by the accelerated and seamless workflow of 3D virtual prototyping and the creation of the physical garments within just two days. The teams enjoyed the precise garment and design simulation offered in the software environment.

rain jacket designed for product in a day event at FIT

product in a day team

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