A No-Slip Grip on Babies

babyslips design on dressform

From 2005 to 2012, infant falls have risen from .4/10,000 to up to 21.2/10,000, with 55 percent of these falls categorized as baby slips, when caregivers fall asleep during nighttime feedings. It’s no wonder: the first four to six weeks of an infant’s life is marked by disorganized sleep and unpredictable eating patterns, resulting in caregiver exhaustion. To prevent these dangerous slips, FIT has partnered with Montefiore, the University Hospital for Albert Einstein College of Medicine, to create a solution. The Baby Slips concept, a protective sling for the newborn, catches the newborn once the caregiver falls asleep. These are the garment’s key features:

  • Allow newborn to fall back
  • Support a chin-up position
  • Keep the nose free
  • Support the neck
  • Have breathable fabric around face
  • Affordable
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