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The medical community has been alarmed by the significant growth of baby slips. The previous means of prevention such as awareness campaigns have been flawed because they focus on the premise that falling asleep is a preventable occurrence. Baby Slips is a proactive measure to protect babies even when caregivers fall asleep.  


FIT has completed five prototypes that will be used for safety testing. Baby Slips has completed the quality improvement phase. A study proposal will be submitted to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) to test the product on new moms in the two inpatient obstetrical settings at Montefiore and the ambulatory lactation clinic at the Wakefield campus. Funding for the project was received from FOJP Hospital Insurance Company.  

babyslips design on dressform
babyslips design

Status Update

The team is in the process of filing a patent and identifying a manufacturing partner. These Baby Slips could be on the market soon.

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