Project Team

Ashley Cannon


Ashley Cannon is an e-commerce professional who specializes in merchandising and user experience for luxury brands. She received a master’s degree in Global Fashion Management from the Fashion Institute of Technology in December 2018. While studying for her degree, Ashley joined Women@Dior, a mentorship program designed to support a network of industry professionals.
Prior to obtaining her Master’s degree, Ashley received a bachelor’s degree in public relations from Texas Tech University. While in Texas, Ashley worked as the assistant store manager and the director of sales for two local talents. Seeking to learn the e-commerce business, she joined, an e-commerce retailer in 2014. In 2017, Ashley and her husband returned to New York to pursue her passion for the fashion industry, and the change that is to accompany a new retail landscape. She feels the FIT was pivotal in developing her desire to innovate and drive business in the evolving world of retail.

Kelsey Pushkarewicz


Jeté was developed as a capstone project for the Global Fashion Management graduate program at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Kelsey and Ashley were two students who had become friends in class; the idea of innovation struck as ballet and fashion are often parallels of one another, yielding commonalities between the two arts. Ashley Cannon was a former ballerina who understood the mechanics of the shoe, while Kelsey Pushkarewicz was a designer who understood the development and execution of such a product. Together, they worked to prototype and market a healthier pointe shoe for dancers.

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