As we move into a new era of remote learning, the need to embrace technology is greater than ever. Students are eager to learn in new and exciting ways, and the challenge of providing these experiences should be at the forefront of all educators’ minds.

Retail itself is changing as fast as technology, and today’s consumer is challenging the industry to evolve. To that end, Bentivegna is leading a new 6-week training course for faculty in V-Commerce, or virtual reality commerce. The course focuses on using Kitely in a teaching environment, and faculty will complete the course with the tools they need to share virtual environments with students.

virtual reality rendering of woman walking in courtyard
VR of woman walking among buildings


After a semester began in pandemic, Bentivegna noticed many students grow weary of existing online instruction formats. The new environment is a video-game-like space that puts the fun back into courses moved online: it allows for flying and being silly, and actually doing something while you are learning. 

When students are creating a fashion line, they can watch it happen in real time, which makes students feel more connected to the class and material.


Although not yet live, instructors who have successfully completed this course will be able to: conduct a class in a virtual environment; use accurate terminology when discussing virtual environments; work within and develop content in a virtual environment setting; teach students how to create and work within a virtual environment; and determine best practices in order to run a successful course relating to the topic of experiential retailing.


Training for this software is moving forward as of Spring 2021, with the class to be offered in Spring 2022.

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