Innovative technology in the classroom and museum world is advancing with unprecedented speed. In the very near future, students of all ages will experience past and future societies, art, monuments, and museums through augmented reality and virtual reality. At the same time, museum institutions and art galleries are investing in and caring for art collections that must be documented before they are lost. Classroom and museum technology needs to be developed with the input of educators, to balance critical thinking with educational impact. Creating a digital survey fills these needs.

While the world was in lockdown, Nagel turned his efforts to sharing the virtual materials he was preparing, beginning with the Gotham Professional Arts Academy in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. The high school students crave more art history material, and these digital assets would allow Nagel to discuss the preserved art with the students.


Nagel is working with a colleague and the principal of the Gotham Professional Arts Academy to develop a program that supplements the art history curriculum. The program will facilitate student discussions of historical objects from Brooklyn and beyond.

thermo dating ancient Greece wall carving
old photograph of museum


Nagel has involved one of his students in his research and outreach, which is expanding to additional schools, museums, and art curators in Brooklyn.

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