Promoting Cotton
With 3D Design

DTech Cotton 3D Design

In 2020, as FIT prepared for remote and hybrid instruction, the FIT DTech Lab took advantage of expanding interest in 3D design technologies and the virtual display of garments and fabrics. In the spring semester, DTech began collaborating with Cotton Incorporated—a nonprofit that supports the global cotton industry to research, develop, and promote cotton products—to produce a series of virtual fashion runway videos using 3D design technologies to promote cotton fabrics. The transdisciplinary team of faculty and students worked with Mark Messura, senior vice president of Global Supply Chain Marketing at Cotton Incorporated, to evaluate different approaches to integrating virtual fashion prototypes into media production. Design-thinking methodology—a solutions-based approach to design that reimagines complex problems and follows a protocol to empathize, define/redefine a problem, ideate, prototype, and test solutions—was used in pre-production to develop clear brand messaging and storyboarding. The varied research, design development, and production planning phase used a multifaceted approach to bridge the gap between a complex, dynamic fabric and the capabilities and application of 3D fashion design, where instead of traditional production, designs and prototypes are created digitally.

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