Diverse volunteer submissions of full body images are being used as references to 3D-model for the avatar database. Once completed, this online digital platform would be globally accessible to designers, replacing conventional (physical) options such as custom dress forms that can cost $3,000 and take months to create. For the majority of designers, this time frame is not feasible, and the cost is not within reach. By making the avatars free and available online, Professor Sperber seeks to democratize the design process and facilitate a broader spectrum of fit offered to customers, from individualized to commercial projects. Additionally, the results of this project will be the first open-source (free) option for digital dress forms.


Sperber hosted a successful on-campus event to recruit additional subjects to be scanned, and is now over halfway through: 65 avatars have been created and the website is currently live.

Status Update

With the database established, Sperber continues to select additional volunteer submissions and expand this valuable resource to increase its breadth and reach.

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