5G stands for fifth-generation cellular wireless. The initial standards for this advanced level of servicing were established in 2017. Thus the full impact of 5G is not yet known. 5G technology enables innovations such as autonomous vehicles. The significance of 5G technology is greater speed of moving more data, lower latency to improve responsiveness, and the ability to connect multiple devices that support sensors and smart equipment simultaneously. Because of these advanced computing capabilities, 5G presents new options for business models, consumer engagement, and a host of health and wellness efforts. The panel focused on enhancements to art exhibitions, collaboration within fashion design, and the opportunity for the introduction and repurposing of personal devices.

Fast Company speaker panel at FIT Innovation event
Dr. Joyce F. Brown speaking on stage at innovation event


The panel of FIT practitioners and an industry representative from Verizon shared their predictions for the future of the creative industries and how 5G will impact society. They discussed workforce changes that embrace the concept of digital nomads and consumer experiences that enable personalization for selling, manufacturing, and distribution. Attendees benefited from the diverse perspectives of an artist, entrepreneur, corporate executive, technologist, and craftspeople.


FIT plans to build upon its discussions with Fast Company to organize future innovation panels. The insight from the faculty members on the panel is being considered for future research projects that explore 5G capabilities and its societal impact.

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