Dr. Joyce F. Brown giving an honorary diploma to a man at FIT commencement


Mr. Hoberman concluded his remarks by sharing his simple formula for bringing inspired thoughts to reality.

1. You need a lot of ideas to get to the good ones.
First go for quantity—don’t worry about quality.

2. Ask yourself: What’s my problem?
What is the question that I burn to answer?

3. Don’t be afraid to have a Vision, capital V.
Just remember that your day job is to wrestle it down to earth.

4. Don’t stress waiting for the one big lightbulb moment. Invention is exercise.
It comes from making original connections between ideas that themselves may be familiar.

5. Ideas need material expression in order to thrive. Write them down. Sketch.

6. Being multi-disciplinary is what the world is calling for.
But “generalist” is not a discipline. You need to be an expert in something specific.

7. And most importantly:
Don’t forget to let your inner geek out!
Obsession breeds tenacity. You’ll need it to succeed.

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